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I chose to go to Dover Health Center for Health and Rehabilitation. My experience here was wonderful. I went here because of past experiences that I have had with the facility and staff for previous visits. Another reason is because Dr. Berry has been my personal physician for over 20 years. Besides the rest of the staff, I would want to recognize Wade and his exercise unit. They provided superior physical improvement in a caring and friendly way! Overall, I enjoyed the room that I stayed in along with the food and care that I had received. Dover Health is the best!

— Cecil E Wentworth

The nurses, nurses aids, PT, and OT at Dover stood out to me because they were able to help me regain my strength and mobility. Everyone has been so helpful and I am very grateful for everything.

— Bonnie Smith

I would like to personally thank Lauren Weaver and Chuck Collin for all of your help, kindness and wonderful care you provided during my stay at Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation.

— Mary Tuttle

My family and I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful care I have received during my stay at your facility. Everyone from the management staff to the occupational and physical therapists and nursing staff have been wonderful and provided excellent and professional care and support during my stay. I would especially like to thank the middle of the night staff. They were always so kind and helpful to me and made me feel at home. Always ready to do the little things that made my time here pleasant and comfortable. I am most grateful to Kevin Meehan, RN, who really helped me through the rough times. He is a very special person and everyone needs someone like Kevin when they are at a place like this. He helped me during an earlier recuperation and I was so relieved to see him still at Dover Rehab when I came back this time. I thought “well there’s Kevin!” and I knew I would be okay!

— Helen Richard

I’ve had experience with some of Dover Rehab’s competitors and in comparison have found the competition lacking. The staff at Dover Rehab are excellent from housekeeping through upper management. I have found them to be experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, friendly, courteous, and helpful. I can’t thank them enough for all the training and help they have given to me. The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. Each room has its own adjustable heat and A.C unit so the patients can set the temperature to their comfort. The kitchen prepares meals that tastes from very good to excellent. The menu offers choices that allow the patients to select a meal that suits any taste. The kitchen will work to assure quantities are satisfying. To my mind Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation is the premier facility in the area.

— James “Jeff” France

I’d like to thank the personnel responsible for caring for my aunt, Ella Sweeney. Each time I visited, I saw kind, caring people. It’s with much sadness that my aunt is now gone, but during her last few months she was in good hands. On behalf of John (her son) and the rest of the family, thank you.

— Sharron Pothur

I had a wonderful stay here. My recovery went well thanks to my therapist Linda Reeves, my nurse Beza and the LNA’s Jen and Brenda. Everyone was wonderful The food was good and I would highly recommend this facility to everyone.

— Nancy McWhinnie

I just want to thank all of you took part in making my stay here a pleasure. From O.T. to P.T. to nursing, respiratory therapist, CNAs and everyone else. If it weren’t for you all, I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am. Your facility is great. Keep up the great work – great staff!! Thanks again!

— Shirley Cleveland

I was admitted to Dover Center for Health & Rehabilitation for general weakness and my COPD. I enjoyed my time here and the staff is excellent. I have been here before and it’s better since National HealthCare acquired the center. I enjoy working with PT and OT, they are great, and I can walk a lot better and further.

— Kathy Cordova

I came to Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation on September 9th after two hospitalizations, I came to Dover Center for my illness after chemotherapy and weakness. When I got there I noticed right away that they were very busy but not too busy for a smile. The day after I arrived I met my Occupational therapist Chie and my Physical therapist Tammy, I worked with other therapist but they stick out because of their smiles and support. When I first got there I was very weak, through Chie’s hard work and support I can now take care of myself, and because of Tammy and the PT team I can now transfer myself with little help and am beginning to stand more. While I was here perhaps the thing that stood out most was how pleasant the staff was to me. Even though everyone was great, I want to recognize two nurse’s aides, Siri and Shelby, even though they were always busy, they always had time for me and always had a smile on their face. Everyone at Dover Center works as a team and show that “there is no I in team.”

— Debbie Reed

COPD is my disease, a flare up put me in the hospital for 7 days. Then my doctor sends me to a Rehab. This didn’t impress me too much—how would they help me? I didn’t know breathing while walking or talking is so hard. COPD is life changing. Through breathing exercises and therapy I can breathe better even while walking. My therapy team had a plan for me: -First learn to know the signs of a flare-up. -Second teach me how to breathe. I can now function at a level I want. I can do housework, yard work, and vacation because I’ve learned how to control my breathing. Now I will have a fuller life doing more. The Pulmonary Therapy team taught me a new way to breathe and I’m glad I came to Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation to learn. Thank You!

— Vicki Carder

My husband was incapacitated for such a long time, until he went to Dover Center. He is a true miracle and now home walking, when his outlook was grim, Dover staff never gave up.

— Marie Boudrea

My stay at Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation has been very enjoyable. The entire staff was extremely kind. From Scott Stone, the Administrator, to the kitchen staff, everyone was always pleasant to talk to. I am going to miss talking to the staff members, saying “Good Morning” as well as the conversations that would follow. I am also thankful for the other residents, since I became friends with so many of them at Dover Center. A special thanks to the Physical Therapists, the Occupational Therapist and the Nursing Staff, thank you for everything.

— Henry Rapson

Dover was better than I had expected it to be. My wife helped me choose Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation based on the exceptional rehab and the nice, big private room. It was nice and quiet which I was not expecting. In terms of the staff, all of them were the best. They are a good, friendly and caring group of people. Not only that, they were helpful in any way that they could be. In particular, MY wife and I loved Reneé. The reputation of Dover overall has improved very much!

— Louis Goupil

In August, I spent 7 days at Dover Center for Health & Rehabilitation after a spinal fusion surgery. It was not my original intent to go to rehab at all, but after a return trip to the hospital for pain management issues I agreed to go… I was pleasantly surprised at Dover Center and the care I received. I was able to have a private room, something that was very important to me. The staff was very caring and compassionate. After determining that I was safe, I was allowed to be independent, another thing that was very important to me and the nurses spent time helping me manage the pain medication properly. I can’t emphasize enough how very caring the staff was. I would not have any reservations about going to Dover Center for Health & Rehab again if placed in the same circumstances. I know now that it was the best thing for me.

— Judy Burgess

As I highly recommend this facility- A special thanks to the “Therapy Teams,” Nursing staff and Management at Dover Center. I progressed much faster with the help of everyone to make my transition home following knee replacement surgery. This was my first experience of being a patient in a rehab facility. Even though being admitted on Friday the 13th in a downpour of rain; they brightened my day and gave me hope of a speedy recovery.

— James Wesson, Rochester, NH

I had a very positive experience here . My stay prepared me to go home and be able to function at home. Thank you.

— Sharon Nielson

Initially I didn’t want to be here because of fear of the unknown. But I did come to Dover Center for health and Rehab and it was a very positive stay. I learned a lot of education of what to do and what not to do to facilitate my going home healthy and well. The licensed nurses and nursing assistants, actually everyone was encouraging, cheerful and very pleasant. I am ready and excited to go home. This was a very positive experience and would recommend it highly.

— Karen Radford

Moving to Dover Center was the best move I have made to get care for my COPD. I did not understand how to manage or live with it. After 6 years, the first time I was asked about it, I refused. Then, 30-45 days later, back in the hospital. I jumped at the chance and it was the best move I have ever made to learn to live with and control this problem. The staff here has been outstanding and very helpful if you want the help to live a good live to its fullest possible way.

— John Page

On September 17th I was admitted to Dover Center for Health & Rehab to rehabilitate after surgery for a broken femur and partial hip replacement. I was quite nervous to be going anywhere but home, but I also knew that I was quite weak and my walking balance was not very stable. As soon as I was assigned a room – an introduction to PT and OT specialists was made. Plans and an individual program were set up and my rehab began the following morning. My PT specialist worked slowly but steadily with me. She gave me clues as to the three biggest mistakes that you can do with your legs that would affect the progress of my recovery. The entire staff would see me in the hallway and encourage me and perhaps cue me if I could improve in some areas. I will be returning home today (just 7 days into rehab). I am walking with only the aid of a cane and am both grateful and amazed at my progress. One of the most important credit I want to give is not only with the PT, OT departments. Special acknowledgement goes to the nurses and aids for their incredible patience with each and every patient. When you thought I wasn’t watching – I was listening – Superior Job!

— Bonnie Ham

On 7 May 2013, I received a full knee replacement at the Portsmouth New Hampshire Regional Hospital. After spending approximately 3 days in the hospital, I was transferred to the Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation to receive rehab for my knee. Between the physical and occupational therapy; the personal attention by all the staff and the high degree of professionalism exhibited by everyone with whom I came in contact, I was able to go home one week after arriving. If I ever have occasion to receive rehab again, I will definitely try to have it performed here. These folks are like a family to me.

— James Huebner